Since the COVID-19 outbreak, government portal, built to support the Job Retention Scheme in Romania, has been drastically reducing the turnaround time on furlough claims thanks to Aurachain’s end-to-end low-code application.

Read our customer story to find out more about how the job retention scheme portal was implemented and the success it had in such a critical time for both citizens and government institutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Key findings and solution mission
  • Solution results and benefits
  • Turnaround time — before and after comparison
  • How the portal was scaled out to support 18 urgent government measures

Download the customer story brief!

Aurachain announces that Depanero, the largest electro-IT service company in Romania, part of the eMAG group, is accelerating its operational automation strategy by leveraging the Aurachain low-code platform. Aurachain accelerates the development of digital solutions that automate business processes, as well as blockchain applications.

The integration of Aurachain’s low-code technology…


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